In July 2018, the Fishtown Co business association, Fishtown Neighbors Association and New Kensington CDC co-hosted an Intro to BIDs Community Meeting at The Fillmore. More than 70 attendees listened to a presentation on BIDs and participated in an interactive Q&A Session. From that group and the Fishtown Co Board, a Steering Committee was formed and began meeting in September 2018.  

As the BID Plan developed 2 large Community Meetings were held in April and May 2019 to get feedback on the plan and make any needed adjustments. A third meeting will be held in September 2019 in advance of our Public Hearing, which will be held in October in City Council (more info coming soon). The Steering Committee will also continue to meet monthly, please see below for upcoming meetings, presentations and minutes, as well as other opportunities to learn more about the BID.



Please see below for presentation materials and minutes (when available) from past meetings.

  • Final Community Meeting with Q&A - Tuesday, September 24, 6:30pm at Lutheran Settlement House

    • This meeting will include a final review of our proposed services, anticipated costs, explanation of the legislative process and method of objection, and ample time for questions and answers

steering committee MEETING SCHEDULE

Meetings are open and all are welcome, but please send an email to to confirm time and location and help us prepare materials. Unless otherwise noted Steering Committee meetings will be held in SugarHouse Casino in Hugo’s Restaurant.

  • Wednesday, September 18 at 9:30am (please note change of date and time)

  • Wednesday, October 2 at 9am


Over the past year the BID consultant and members of the Steering Committee have given short presentations and answered questions about the BID formation at community and business association meetings. Please see below for minutes and presentation materials where available.


Community / Business Association Meetings:

July 31 2018 Intro to BIDs Community Meeting: Presentation and Minutes

February 18 2019 Presentation at East Kensington Neighbors Association Membership Meeting: Presentation

March 26 2019 Fishtown Co Annual Meeting with preview of BID Plan: Presentation

April 30 2019 First Community Meeting to present BID Plan, Budget and Services: Presentation + Question & Answer Session Notes

May 28 Second Community Meeting to present revised boundaries resulting from First Community Meeting

Please also see Updated Assessment Slides after small edits made during Law Department Review

Steering Committee Meetings (please note that no committee meetings were held during June and July of 2019):

September 12 Steering Committee Interest Meeting

October 3 Steering Committee Meeting

November 7 Steering Committee Meeting

December 5 Steering Committee Meeting

January 9 Steering Committee Meeting

February 6 Steering Committee Meeting

March 3 Steering Committee Meeting

April 4 Steering Committee Meeting

May 2 Steering Committee Meeting